Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A 150 Mile Change of Scenery

Yep, it's moving time. And that includes all of my yarn. A huge bin full. I'm kind of hoping that our next place will be a bit bigger, seeing as my yarn is already stashed so far back in the living room coat closet that it takes five minutes to dig it out (and another five to pry out the curious cats).

Did I mention that we have only three days to pack? And being married to a gaming nerd like my husband, this is what would happen if I let him be in charge of the packing:

Part of me is sad to be leaving; the other part is looking forward to the change. Here's to the next chapter of our unfolding lives! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Tribute

I lost an old friend on Tuesday. Our family dog, Hans, had to be put down. A combination of old age, deafness, blindness, bad arthritis, and worsening glaucoma helped my parents to make the final call. I'm glad my old buddy of 16 years is out of pain and discomfort, but still, losing a pet who'd become a part of the family for 16 years is hard to accept. Since I'm not living with my parents anymore, it's not hitting me as hard because I don't miss seeing him walk around the house all day. I have a feeling the next time I visit will be a bit teary-eyed. Hans was a good dog -- our first family dog. He will be missed.