Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Submission for The Butterfly Project

Photo source: Holocaust Museum Houston

The brilliance of this project idea really impacted me: using 1.5 million butterflies that are themselves unique and individual to symbolize and represent each of the 1.5 million children lost in the Holocaust. This exhibition will make visual a number that I still can't wrap my head around. 1.5 million is a large lump sum, but to think of each individual number boggles my mind.

Having met their goal of 1,500,000 individual butterflies, The Holocaust Museum Houston was finally able to set the submission deadline as June 30th, 2013 for all submissions to the upcoming exhibition of The Butterfly Project. Running late as is my usual, I quickly printed off the submission forms on June 20th and sent my little crocheted butterfly off in the mail.

Sadly, the butterflies I'd originally made specifically for this project got shuffled around during our move, and no amount of searching and yelling could help me find them. So this little fella got a chance to shine!

(I did find the original butterflies later, of course, and they were sitting right out in the open where I should have seen them. Oh well.)

I'm excited for the museum to announce the exhibition date--it is going to be an amazing thing, seeing 1.5 million individual butterflies, and I would love to go! What an amazing way to remember the lives of so many that humankind tried to erase.

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