Monday, September 26, 2011

$10 is really close!

Remember the days of childhood, when a $20 bill was your fortune and financial insecurity was being $0.25 short for that $0.75 popsicle? 
Today my husband and I got excited when we saved $4 on a prescription. Four whole dollars! In theory it seemed silly to feel that way over such a small amount, but we smiled at each other anyway because those four little dollars meant one very important thing: we're not out of money yet! I recall silently scoffing at my parents years ago (during those narcissistic teen years) when they proudly exclaimed that the checkbook had balanced. I thought it was such a "lame" thing to get excited about; but then I grew up and got married, and saw money in a completely different light. $4 has become a big deal. 
September has been a difficult month for us. Unemployment and medical bills have drained the bank account, and the credit cards are gaining a lot of unwanted mileage (I'll spare you the sob story; we're all in the same boat right now).  I'm currently laid up resting and unable to work, so what used to be two incomes is now one. Thankfully, the Lord provided my husband with a job just as our account is hitting about $10. It's been incredibly hard to fall back on the trust that God will always provide. We believe it and we've experienced it before, but we also wish it hadn't got so close. $10 is really close. 
But then, I suppose the $4 savings wouldn't be that great of a deal if the timing weren't as it were. 

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